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CraigM has been a blog writer for almost 20 years. He was born with the Internet and writes about everything that happens on it, from finance to adult chat sites like LuckyCrush to social networks, games and crypto-money. We agreed to publish his articles about LuckyCrush on our blog because we think it's an interesting sharing of experience. Please note: The author of this article does not belong to the LuckyCrush organization. Therefore we do not endorse any responsibility for its content.

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As you know by now, this is a blog I made to share my experiences of LuckyCrush -- a site I use to enjoy random video chat with strangers. But this isn’t any random chat. It’s a well known place for online sex, and what really makes it special is the fact that half of the users are women.

If you’ve used sites like Omegle before, you’ll understand the model. You are paired with someone, and the chat ends when you press “next.” What I always hated about other sites was how many guys I’d have to click through to find a woman. When I was horny, the last thing I wanted to see was some other dude jacking off. LuckyCrush means I avoid that. It matches you with the opposite gender. That means it’s all girls all the time for me, just the way I want it!

Other random video chat sites can’t compare for this reason. I’m a straight guy, so I only want to talk to hot girls. Instead of spending hours clicking next, trying to find a single sexy woman in a sea of boners, I can just log on and start enjoying straight away! Who wants to wait around when they’re horny?  This feature has made a huge difference, and it’s probably why I end up using the site every day.

girl showing tits on luckycrush random video chat sex

Every day? Yeah, it’s really that addictive. And I’ve had sexy random chat with so many girls now. I was surprised at first that so many horny women wanted to use the site. I guess because it’s anonymous they feel free to be their freakiest selves. That’s fine by me! I’ve seen a whole other side to women because of this site. I’ve had so many fantasies come to life since I started using LuckyCrush.

Because it’s anonymous, I can tell the truth and get really dirty with the women I talk to. Some don’t show their face on camera, but they’re happy to show everything else! I never thought seeing a naked woman could be so easy. What makes it exciting is that every random chat is different. You really have no idea who you’ll chat to next.

girl masturbating on LuckyCrush random video chat sex

👉 Click here to access the LuckyCrush Random Video Chat | Men match with random women and women match with random men (18+) 🔥

I’ve spoken to confident, mature women who are using LuckyCrush for a bit of excitement because their husband isn’t interested. I’m happy to give them the special attention they need! I’ve also spoken to younger women, like college students who are interested in experimenting. Random video chat lets me make connections with a variety of women. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all horny and looking for fun -- just like me.

At first I wondered how LuckyCrush managed to attract so many women to their site. I was used to random chat sites being full of men. If you’ve ever used them, you’ll know what I mean. Then I saw some of their advertising. They’ve done a good job of targeting women and making the site appealing to them. Other random video chat sites need to figure this out! Turns out there are lots of sexually-frustrated girls that want something hot to masturbate to.

LuckyCrush’s system also regulates how many men and women can be online at once. So you’re never going to be sitting around with a hard-on waiting for a woman to log on. When I’m on LuckyCrush, I’m guaranteed to have a girl to talk to. It’s perfect when you want to cum fast. Let’s face it, porn gets boring. This doesn’t, because it’s a different experience every time. Wondering what woman I will speak to that night keeps me feeling horny all day!

By the time I get home, I’m desperate to masturbate. You know the feeling, right? Yesterday, I chatted to a girl from Italy. Well, I say chatted, but she barely spoke English! That didn’t matter to me. Her accent was such a turn-on I didn’t care what she was saying. I thought she was going to be shy, but then she surprised me by whipping her bra off straight away. Wow. She was so hot, I thought I was going to cum in seconds! Hey, maybe it’s time for me to learn Italian. I would love to see her on chat again and repeat the experience.

girl showing ass on LuckyCrush Random video chat sex

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What’s cool about the women on LuckyCrush is that there’s no bullshit involved. Everyone knows why they are on the site, so you just get down to business. It’s great for me, because I’ve never been good at small talk. It’s hot that I’ve had dirty fun with so many women around the world. I might not know their name or their job, hell -- I might not even have seen their face, but I know their kinkiest fantasies. I know the sound that they make when they cum. Ok, I got myself excited again. Guess I will go log on to LuckyCrush!

👉 Click here to access the LuckyCrush Random Video Chat | Men match with random women and women match with random men (18+) 🔥

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