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Alexxxa is a gorgeous young woman from Southern Italy, and she has been an active participant on the LuckyCrush random cam chat for adults for over a year. If you’re a regular visitor, you probably already know that she’s very involved in the community. People like her make the site bigger and better every day. What kind of person is Alexxxa? Well, she’s a devoted mother, a hard worker, and a loving wife, but at night, she may just be the hottest sex chat partner you have ever had. Today, Alexxxa is kindly sharing a tantalizing testimony about her late-night adventures on the LuckyCrush video chat site. Disclaimer: The author of this article does not belong to the LuckyCrush organization. Therefore, we do not endorse or take responsibility for its content.

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How I discovered LuckyCrush

The first time I ever heard about LuckyCrush was in conversation with a friend of mine. I had been complaining that, as a busy mother and wife, I really missed the thrill of flirting and chatting with different guys.

She told me that she had used the site to connect with hot men all over the world and that the experience was really fun and low commitment. Although I was intrigued, I tried put the idea out of my mind. After all, other than my occasional horny impulses, I’m a happily married woman!

However, when I saw another post on Instagram mentioning the same site, I took it as a sign. My husband was out with the kids, so I had the chance to perform a little research. I can’t lie: the more I read, the more excited I got.

It became obvious that this was my chance to have it all. I could maintain my settled family life without letting go of my sexy side. The way the site is designed is super safe, so you can keep your kinky activities completely confidential. I didn’t want the whole town knowing what I was up to, after all.

I did have to speak to my husband about it, though. Believe it or not, we have a very openminded and honest relationship. He knows that my sex drive is out of control, and he’s not always available to satisfy me due to his heavy workload.

The great thing about Lucky Crush is I can get all that wildness out of my system without putting my family life in jeopardy. He agreed that no strings attached chats were much better than worrying about me cheating for real. If I’m honest, I think the thought of me dirty talking online turns him on more than he wants to admit…

Now, I have lovers from all over the world. Sharing some of my experiences with my husband has really spiced up our marriage. Now, when he and the kids head to bed, I relish the naughty thrill of sneaking to the spare room and catering to my virtual boyfriends.

Sometimes, I end up staying up all night! The next day, I may feel a little tired on the inside, but I’m glowing on the outside. That’s the glow a girl gets when she has a sexy secret.

If you’re considering an affair, I’d recommend you try Lucky Crush instead. Relationships are about more than sex, of course, but sex is still really important. Thanks to this platform, I’ve been able to live the lusty life I’ve always longed for without throwing away my relationships or my reputation.

Let’s be honest – women who have kinky fantasies like mine are often judged by society. LuckyCrush is a shame-free zone: it’s all about being yourself!

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My best stories from LuckyCrush

Although I’ve shared some stories with my husband, the only person that really knows what I get up to on LuckyCrush is me! I think even he would be shocked if he knew some of the conversations I’ve had on there. Usually, I don’t show my face – and there’s a reason for that!

Anyway, the guys on there are more than happy with what I do show. I usually point the camera straight at my breasts. If I bounce around and give them a jiggle, I can get the attention of any potential chat partner!

I perfectly remember talking to an American man last month. I say “man,” but he looked like he was straight out of college. Luckily, lots of guys his age are really hot for women that are a little older.

I explained my situation: that I was a horny and frustrated wife, looking for a sexy escape from my domestic life. He was there because he was tired of the dating game and looking for an easy release. I knew I could give him a great time, and I told him so.

Of course, a young guy like that is generally going to be breast-obsessed. He asked me to take off my bra, and I agreed. When my tits were freed from the lacy material I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head!

The exhibitionist in me was having the time of her life. I thought about how I could surprise him even more.

There isn’t much sexy about everyday life as a mother, but there is always plenty of baby oil around. I grabbed a bottle from the drawer beside me and started giving myself a chest massage. I splashed it all over me, using so much oil that it was dripping from my shoulders down to my nipples.

When I asked my American boy if he liked what I was doing, he was so horny he could barely speak! I knew he was touching himself and asked if he could move the camera to show me everything.

As a young, sporty guy, his physique was really impressive -- almost as impressive as the massive dick in his strong, tanned hands. By the end of our encounter, I wasn’t sure if I was just covered in oil or if my pussy was really that wet.

Either way, I had to jump in the shower before I could return to bed with my husband. I had a huge smile on my face that night!

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Another time, I was the one enjoying an older partner. It was obvious from this man’s suit and the bed behind him that he was on a business trip. He told me to call him John, although I doubt that was his real name.

I was pretty sure he was married too, and he was taking advantage of his night away to have some dirty fun. Who am I to judge? Not everyone is lucky enough to have an openminded partner like mine.

We talked a little about how amazing LuckyCrush is. He said he was glad this technology wasn’t available when he was young, or he might never have left his house!

That got me onto the topic of my favorite technology… my Satisfyer clitoral toy. I told him that on weekends without the kids, it wasn’t unusual for me to stay in bed all day giving myself orgasm after orgasm until my whole body ached with pleasure.

He didn’t know what a Satisfyer was, so I decided to give him a demonstration. From my perspective, I was being generous: maybe after our chat he would go and buy his wife one!

Positioning the camera carefully, I gave him a close-up view of my pussy as the toy throbbed away against my clit. I’d managed to make myself squirt with it once before, and I was determined to do it again – this time, for an audience. After the 3rd intense orgasm, my mission was accomplished. John looked like I’d given him all his birthdays at once.

One of my wilder fantasies revolved around a strip show. For our anniversary, my husband and I had booked a hotel and headed to the strip club. The experience had stayed in my mind ever since.

The girls there looked amazing and performed like professionals, but in my head I was secretly sure I could do just as well as them. I was planning a show for my husband, and I knew just where to rehearse and get feedback…

I logged onto LuckyCrush in my cheapest, sluttiest lingerie. This wasn’t the lingerie a wife would wear to an erotic photoshoot. It’s the lingerie a dirty girl would wear to get cash, fast. I loved how I felt in it – like a whole new person.

When my first chat partner joined me, I introduced myself with a stripper name: Cherry. Of course, he made some predictable jokes about “popping” me, but I stopped his comedy show by explaining that I’d be doing the entertaining tonight.

I put on some quiet background music (thank God, everyone in the house was sleeping deeply) and started to sway my hips from side to side. I could see myself onscreen, and even I was amazed by how good I looked.

Piece by piece, my lingerie slowly came off. I kept stopping to ask how much he’d tip me if we were really in the club. By the end, the amounts were so high that I wondered if maybe I had pursued the wrong career in life. Maybe it’s not too late to make a change and get rich, haha!

What makes LuckyCrush so great for me is that I can be my full, unfiltered self on there. No fantasy is off-limits. I can be a stripper, a sex toy demonstrator, or a mature seductress for the night, then I can go right back to my ordinary life without consequences. It’s perfect!

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