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Thanasis1222 has been a LuckyCrush user since December 2019, but is also a famous blog and magazine writer. He has written for online magazines like Vice, Business Insider and The Huffington Post. He usually writes about technical innovations related to dating and social interactions.

You have certainly already read some of his articles, but he didn’t let us name them for obvious privacy reasons. However, he did do us the honor of writing his thoughts about LuckyCrush, exclusively for our blog, and we thank him for that (he didn’t even ask for free credits in exchange! LMFAO). Enjoy!

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1) What is LuckyCrush

LuckyCrush Random Video Chat

LuckyCrush is that kind of video chat site which randomly connects two people together. The chat can last an indefinite time but stops as soon as one of the partners clicks ‘next’, which automatically connects you to another random partner. There are many sites offering the same and it’s not a new thing, from the first one, Chatroulette, created in 2010 to the most popular one, Omegle,  which counts 20M users every month.

Guys are only connected with girls and vice-versa

How LuckyCrush differentiates itself is that it will only match men with women and women with men. Indeed, there is an automatic gender filter. On most random chat sites, guys need to click ‘next’ hundreds of times to get matched with a female partner. Here, there is simply no other option than getting what you’re looking for, which clearly completely changes the experience for something much more exciting, (if like me, you are a man looking for women to chat with). They clearly identify themselves as a random chat site optimized for straight people, which was a real need on the market.

It's a sex friendly chat site

The second differentiating aspect is that the site is reserved for adults and nudity is not prohibited, as is the case on most other sites. The first time I came, I was speechless to finally find a place that concentrates on people looking for naughty chats with strangers, no strings attached. I said to myself ‘f**k! It exists!’.

However you must be careful. If there are so many women on this site it’s because it’s still moderated. Even if you can really engage in an infinite number of different fantasies with your different partners, you can’t appear already naked or doing a sexual act when the chat with a new partner starts. This is because you don’t know what your partner is here for before starting the discussion, and you can’t impose things that your partner doesn’t want.

But the community rules seem to be well applied by most members who really care about THEIR site. I felt a strong sense of belonging from these people who, like me, are happy to have finally found a place to explore their fantasies with random strangers.

👉 Click here to access the LuckyCrush Random Video Chat | Men match with random women and women match with random men (18+) 🔥

2) How to use LuckyCrush

Using LuckyCrush is as easy as using any of the other random chat sites, except here the only initial action required is to select your gender. Then you simply have to click ‘start’ and activate your webcam to get matched with a random partner of the opposite gender (I remember the first time I did it, I didn’t believe it could be done so easily). Then you can stay as long as you want with your partner.

If there is a match, it can last an hour or more, but if not, you can simply click ‘next’ without providing any explanation, which is a great advantage when the chat goes awkward or you simply want to try finding a hotter partner. There is not a lot to say about LuckyCrush’s use as it’s really simple. The main feature relies on this ‘next’ button, which allows you to switch to another opposite-sex partner in no time.

👉 Click here to access the LuckyCrush Random Video Chat | Men match with random women and women match with random men (18+) 🔥

3) LuckyCrush features and advantages

Besides matching only partners of the opposite gender together, LuckyCrush offers great features.

Automatic translator

As you are randomly matched with people from all around the world, it can seem complicated to communicate with someone from Russia or Italy when you are from the UK like me. Luckily, LuckyCrush has developed an instant translator which automatically translates your messages into your partner’s language, and the messages of your partner into your language. This is a great feature which makes you completely forget you’re talking with people from different countries. Even in the event that the translation is not perfect, it’s more than enough to have an exciting communication with your partner.

Mobile version

My first thoughts when using LuckyCrush (I had discovered it from my desktop, from an ad on a social network) was ‘How can I use LuckyCrush on my Smartphone?’. I started searching for an app but didn’t find anything.

I quickly discovered that I simply had to open the site from my browser on my phone to recover the same experience as I had on desktop. It was as smooth and easy to use as it was on my computer, without having to download anything. Now I use LuckyCrush more on my mobile, but I love to see my partner fully (especially when the chat is getting hot!) so I sometimes connect from my computer.


One day, I had an issue with the automatic translator and contacted the support. A ‘support’ button in the menu of the site allows you to contact the support in one click by email. I contacted the support and asked my question. At this time, there was a little bug for a specific language. They answered within 1 hour with a great sense of humor, and immediately fixed my issue.

They even rewarded me with a few premium credits for reporting an issue that other users were likely to experience. I exchanged a few messages with the team members and it was clear that the LuckyCrush site is an amazing project run by a team of crazy entrepreneurs.

They know they are doing ‘adult rated’ things, and they know they are doing something that can be perceived as ‘non consensual’ by other industries. But they don’t care, as they really consider their platform to be completely legit, and which has the same rights to exist as Snapchat or Skype. They are people with values and a strong desire to provide their members with something unique, which to me, is already a great success.

👉 Click here to access the LuckyCrush Random Video Chat | Men match with random women and women match with random men (18+) 🔥

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