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LuckyCrush is a video chat site which randomly connects two partners of the opposite-gender together, through live video chat. The one-on-one private video chat can last a few seconds or several hours but it instantly ends when one of the users clicks ‘next’, which automatically connects both users to new random partners. On LuckyCrush, men are only connected with women and women are only connected with men. There is an automatic gender filter. It was built as a solution to random chat sites like Omegle or Chatroulette where guys have to click ‘next’ hundreds of times before they get paired up with a female partner.

Another specificity of LuckyCrush is that nudity is not prohibited and the site is exclusively reserved for adults. It’s not a porn site in the sense that it’s not branded as one. You can easily come to have a simple ephemeral flirtation. But unlike other random chat sites, here nudity is not prohibited and the partners can heat things up and engage in naughty webcam chats if this is what both users want.

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This aspect of the site became the reason why it became so popular. A journalist even named LuckyCrush of the ‘#1 Naked Video Chat’ as he found most of his partners were on the site to have a 'sex webcam chat' with a stranger.

As more and more people are talking about the ‘uncensored’ side of our site and as more and more people are coming on LuckyCrush to have hot webcam chats with strangers, let’s talk about it ourselves and explain further what our vision is behind this famous ‘nudity allowed’ rule and why we think it’s important to give people freedom on a chat site, as long it's legal, based on consent and only with adults.

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1) Why nudity is prohibited on other random chat sites

First, let’s discuss why, as a user, you may end up getting banned if you show nudity and decide to take part in a naked video chat on random chat sites like Omegle or Chatroulette.

Random video chat sites like Omegle, Chatroulette or ChatRandom allow you to start a video chat with a random stranger in one click. It’s a fun experience and a great way to meet strangers while remaining anonymous. But these sites quickly generated a fantasy; having naughty chats with random strangers or, as a lot of people call it, having naked video chats with strangers.

The problem is that the above mentioned sites are places widely used by teenagers. It is impossible to allow nudity and suggestive contents in a place where there can be people of all ages. This is the reason why traditional random chat sites are not made for naked video chats. Some of them have a very strict moderation process which guarantees you will get banned if you use certain sexually oriented words or show nudity on a webcam.

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2) A random chat site for adults

The solution to this need was to create a random chat experience reserved for adults, on which users must certify they are 18+ years old before they can enter the site.

On this random video chat site for adults, you could let it go, express yourself and explore your fantasies without being scared of being paired with kids. On this random video chat site for adults, you would only find other open-minded adults who are aware that this place is made to discover other members' fantasies.

But careful! This is quite a utopia. The reality is that teenagers who are a little precocious in the way they use Internet can bypass the welcome and warning popup asking them to certify that they are 18+ years old. Just like on any adult site. So even if the site itself is reserved for adults, as a user, you must ALWAYS be aware that you may be randomly connected to one of these teenagers having bypassed the popup.

This is why, on LuckyCrush, it’s prohibited to appear naked or performing a sexual act when the chat with a new partner starts. You must always be ready to be matched with someone who may not want or is not supposed to be exposed to sexually oriented images. Then, of course, once you made sure you and your partner were both adults here for the same things, you can heat things up and engage into a 'hot chat' together freely.

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Actually, it’s like in real life. Anything can happen between two consenting adults as long as it’s legal and respects the consent of all involved parties. However, it’s considered an assault to show nudity or suggest sexual things to someone who doesn’t want it or is not supposed to be exposed to it.

The same happens on LuckyCrush. If it’s prohibited to appear naked on second one, the chat can quickly evolve into anything hotter as long as both partners are both adults and have expressed their mutual consent for naked video chat and so on.

When it’s said this way, it may look a bit tricky. But it’s actually the easiest and most natural way to have hot chats (including naked video chats) with random strangers. It’s simply like in real life. And of course, when we talk about consent, you don’t need a letter from your partner’s lawyer. The simple fact your partner doesn’t stop you, or your partners are engaging themselves in a naked video chat, you can go with the flow. The only thing you should keep in mind is to be respectful when chatting with random strangers on the internet, and give ‘the choice to your partner’ when it comes to being exposed to sexually oriented content. The same way you do in real life, finally.

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4) Auto-moderated community

As we said earlier, it’s essentially quite natural the way people do it. Most of our users have perfectly integrated this consent notion and don’t even think about it during their journey on LuckyCrush. It’s part of the community’s values and culture.

You may wonder how we make sure people are respecting these rules. It’s actually based on an auto-moderation system. If a user is reported to the admin team more than 3 times within 24 hours, for being rude or offensive, they get automatically banned. This is the best way to make sure LuckyCrush’s users only find what they want on the platform.

So to conclude, if you want to have 'naked video chats' with random girls or guys, LuckyCrush is the best place to find open-minded people looking for fun with strangers online. You remain completely anonymous and you will be sure to find people sharing these respectful values which we mentioned earlier.

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