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1) Random Video Chat

Random video chat sites and random video chat apps are chat sites and chat apps that randomly connect two users one-on-one through live video chat. The chat can last a few seconds or several hours but a single click on “next” allows you to instantly end a chat and switch to another random partner. This is the best way to connect and chat with strangers worldwide.

There are many random chat sites and apps on the Internet. It’s not a new thing. They all allow anonymous chats with random strangers. Some of them have great features such as a gender filter or a country filter so that even if you’re randomly matched with your partner, you still can decide to match only with people of the opposite gender or from the same country as you.

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The oldest random chat site is the famous Chatroulette that was created in 2010 by Andrey Ternovskiy and had great success. But fairly quickly, most of the users on the site were men, and it became harder and harder for guys to chat with girls. The same situation also happened on Omegle, which became the most popular random chat site in recent times.  

Another downside of these traditional random chat sites is that nudity is prohibited on most of them, whereas there is nothing more exciting than having a hot chat with a random stranger. There was clearly a need for such a “straight-optimized” experience but reserved for adults wanting to engage in hot chats with other strangers. Because there's actually nothing dirty or disturbing as long as it's done between consenting adults!

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2) LuckyCrush, the random chat site for adults where guys only match with girls.

LuckyCrush presents itself as an alternative to sites like Chatroulette and Omegle and literally allows people to have anonymous chats and “sex cam-to-cam” with random strangers. But the difference here is that users only match with opposite gender partners. There is an automatic gender filter. The site is optimized for straight people specifically looking for random chat with a girl or a guy, without confusion about each other's sexual orientations.

Luckycrush girl chat image

Guys only match with girls. Girls only match with guys

On most random chat sites, there are more guys than girls and it’s the same situation on dating apps. What happens in this case is that guys can spend hours matching with other guys and clicking ‘next’ until they find a female partner, which can be boring and frustrating.

On LuckyCrush, you first say whether you’re a man or a woman. Then, the algorithm automatically matches you with opposite gender partners. It means that if you are a guy, you will only chat with girls and if you are a girl, you will only chat with guys. Registrations are even moderated to make sure there is always approximately the same number of guys and girls online on the site at any time, so that nobody waits too long before being matched with a partner.

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A random chat site reserved for adults

On LuckyCrush, there is no rule against nudity as long as there is mutual consent between partners. This means that it’s prohibited to appear already naked or performing a sexual act when the chat with a new partner starts (as you don’t know whether it’s what your partner is looking for or not). But it’s not prohibited to engage into such hot chats if your partner is also here for that and gives explicit consent. The goal is to make a site where "anything can happen" as long as it's legal and there is consent between adult users (no censorship) but, at the same time, a site where no one is exposed to sexual images without having expressed consent. Just like in real life, after all!

Chat from anywhere

LuckyCrush can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have a mobile phone or laptop. There is no need to download an app, as the site and video calls work perfectly using your browser, whether you are on your laptop or smartphone. This means that no matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection and a camera on your device.

LuckyCrush girls chat mobile

An automatic translator is also available so you can even meet girls and guys from other countries, without worrying about the language barrier. Your messages are automatically translated into your partner’s language, and your partner’s messages into your language. The goal is that you can have a random chat with a random opposite-sex stranger, living anywhere in the world, and have the same quality of conversation as if it was your neighbor.

In addition to being connected to girls and guys worldwide, members can chat freely without any safety concerns. This is because the site doesn’t require you to share any personal information, all you need is a username and you’re ready to start chatting to girls and guys from all around the world. You are even free to not show your face during chats if it makes you feel uncomfortable and you want to remain completely anonymous.

To conclude, LuckyCrush has been designed to answer the huge need for an adult random chat site optimized for straight people, especially guys looking for hot girls to chat with. On most random chat sites, there were either no girls or you had to click ‘next’ hundreds of times before being paired up with one. On LuckyCrush, once you have selected your gender, a single click on ‘start’ allows you to instantly chat with a girl or a guy, depending on your gender. After that, it’s up to you and your partner to decide how much fun you have, and for how long!

👉 Click here to access the LuckyCrush Random Video Chat | Men only match with women and women only match with men (18+) 🔥

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