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MaryJ has been a blog writer and photograph for over ten years. She has written for dating sites, social networks, porn sites, video chat applications. She is interested in anything that connects people around the world in a kinky or amorous way. We decided to publish her article about random video chat sites and apps, a chat and dating experience that is not young and dates back more than 15 years. However, it has shown a recent revival during the first global containment due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
Please note: The author of this article does not belong to the LuckyCrush organization. Therefore we do not endorse any responsibility for its content.

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Purpose of Random Video Chat Sites

How do random video chat sites work?

If you’ve never used one before, you may be wondering what a random video chat site even looks like. The concept is simple: two users are matched together at random for a webcam chat that could last for seconds, minutes, or hours. It all ends when one chooses to click “next”, which instantly connect users to new random partners. Webcams mean that the chat feels “face to face,” even if the people chatting live in different continents! You can use a microphone to interact, but there’s always the handy textbox available if you prefer to communicate that way. The combination of messages, speaking out loud, and seeing your partner live on webcam makes random video chatting a dynamic multimedia experience. Recently, apps have also got in on the action, making it easier to access random video chat using your cellphone. But some random video chat sites like LuckyCrush adapted their experience on site to make it easy to use on mobile, without having to download an app. It’s a modern way to connect with people on an international level, and for that reason random video chat sites are used for a variety of purposes.

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Random video chat sites are a popular tool used by different kinds of people all around the world. Their purpose is to connect with strangers, make friends, flirt, enjoy dirty chat, and even date. We can only wonder how many relationships and friendships have begun on sites like these! It’s one interesting way to expand your social circle, that’s for sure. It’s very different from dating apps or other tools you’ve used to make connections with new people. For a start, users are allocated a partner at random to chat with. They can then choose to continue the conversation or to switch to another partner if they prefer. Their partner is equally able to reject them, ensuring all interactions are consensual. This makes it safe to talk with strangers, as you can leave the chat at any time.

What random video chat site is the best for you depends on your preferences. The tools available to users depend on the site that they use. However, there is usually the option to chat “live” via their camera and microphone or to focus on text communication instead through a chatbox. Some of the most well known random cam chat sites include Chatroulette and Omegle, as they pioneered this model of communication with cam-to-cam chats over ten years ago. However, alternatives to Omegle definitely exist! Today there are many more random video chat site options if you wish to interact with others online, and their popularity has only increased as a result of 2020’s social isolation measures.

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Some people choose to use random video chat sites, while others prefer to download apps like Chatrandom instead so they can use them on their phone to meet new people. Some sites have been adapted so that they can be accessed using iPhone or Android smartphones while providing an equally smooth user experience as an app, like LuckyCrush for example. Because many users wish to be discreet while enjoying random video chat with strangers, accessibility for cellphones has proven to be an important factor in how these sites function. Many people look for the best mobile-friendly video random chat site.

Something else that defines a random video chat site is its registration process -- or its lack of a registration process. This is because, depending on their circumstances and reasons for using the site, users often prefer to be anonymous during chat sessions. For that reason, many random video chat sites -- especially those that focus on live sex chat -- request relatively little personal information from their users. For some, all you need to provide is a username to be connected, and you don’t necessarily have to show your face on camera. Omegle has a reputation for sexually-explicit adult chat, nude images, and live masturbation on cam. So does Shagle.

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As the popularity of random video chats increase, so do parenting concerns. This is understandable, as many random video chat sites have a sexual focus. With one click, a child could be exposed to this content, so strong internet controls should be implemented by any parents. The downside of random video chat sites being so easy to access is that they’re also easy for children to access. No age verification exists, so anyone can lie and say they’re over 18 to use the site. Sites which allow you to cam chat anonymously are not safe or appropriate for children to access. Parents should be aware of this potential danger, because they are strictly designed for adults. LuckyCrush, for example, is strictly reserved for adults and users must certify they are over 18 years old before they can access the site.

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Why do people use random video chat sites?

Something that people enjoy about random video chat sites is the fact that the users are international, so they can connect with others from all around the world. Some sites even offer translation services to facilitate cross-cultural exchange. Random video chat sites can be compared to virtual speed-dating, even if they’re used for many other reasons. Users like that they have the option to easily change their partner and that they can share as much or as little as they choose. However, different sites have different purposes. Some are for making random international friends and even playing games together. Some are designed for the possibility of long-term dating, using stricter criteria to match users for a more serious connection. Others are more obviously aimed at enabling sexy chat between strangers with no real-life implications, so they’re perfect for men who are interested in how to video chat with random girls. This is the case with LuckyCrush, which became the first random video chat site reserved for adults -- only connecting men with women and women with men for naughty chats and virtual flings, no strings attached.

Of course, if random video chat sites are being used for sex or dating, a common concern is gender balance amongst users. The real question is -- do girls want to have random video chats with strangers? This is a valid concern, especially if you’re looking for sexy video chat immediately. On many of these sites, male users dominate, making it an uneven playing field for straight men who want to use them to meet women online. This can be very frustrating for male users who exclusively want to connect with women when they are on random video chat sites. They are forced to wait around for women to come online and when they do, there’s a lot of competition for their attention. Some sites have taken steps to redress this, for example by incentivizing female users with gifts or money for their participation. Another site, Lucky Crush, has targeted massive advertising to females in order to achieve a 50-50 ratio between men and women online at any time.

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These sites are usually free to access; however, a minority require payment to use. Sometimes sites offer both options, with bonuses available for paying customers, such as reduced advertising or the removal of time/connection restrictions. Many free random video chat sites are very lightly moderated -- which you may see as an advantage or a drawback, depending on your motivations for accessing the site. Paid sites are likely to offer a free trial period for new customers who want to see how random video chat sites work. That means you can start to enjoy random chat free right away!

There are some good reasons to pay for your chat, however. Paid sites often come with additional features, for example, you may be able to filter your chatting partners by gender, country, or interest. This allows you to connect with people from the same country as you, or only connect with girls if you're a guy. That's why so many paid features remain popular, although free chat is always an available option!

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What are the best random video chat sites in 2020?

Random video chat sites have gotten extremely popular because they offer the opportunity to speak to people all over the world. During the Coronavirus pandemic, these sites have seen an increase in users, since they offer the opportunity to safely socialize from your own home. A range of different sites have popped up to meet the diverse needs of users. Some are designed for making friends and playing games, while others are more obviously aimed at an adult demographic that want to enjoy anonymous sex chat. What random video chat site is best depends on what you’re looking for. Here is a list of some of the most popular random video chat sites that are currently active:

  • Omegle -- This is one of the original random video chat sites, and the one you’ve most likely heard of. It pioneered the model of random chat using cam and microphone or simply using the text function.
  • LuckyCrush -- It’s the best known alternative to Omegle or Chatroulette in the sense that this one is made for virtual flirting. It only connects men with women and women with men. It’s reserved for straight adults who want to have sexy chats and virtual flings with random strangers of the opposite gender. It's well known for having a 50:50 ratio of men and women online.
  • Chatroulette -- Chatroulette was the first random chat site to offers live video chat. After suffering moderation problems, a registration process has been introduced to try and maintain the quality of the chat here. X-rated content should be expected, and the user demographic skews male.
  • ChatRandom -- If you’re looking for a more specific chat partner, this may be the site for you. You can restrict the people you chat to based on their language, country or gender for example. You can also interact one-on-one or with a group.
  • BazooCam -- Like on other sites, you are paired with someone randomly for video chat; however, this is another site that is heavily moderated to keep it clean.
  • OmeTV -- Ome is seen as popular with a younger audience, perhaps because they offer iOs and Android versions so it can be used with a cellphone on the go.
  • Shagle -- This is a random video chat site that allows you to filter who you speak to based on their gender; however, this comes at an additional price.
  • ChatHub -- If you only want to speak to other users who are willing to show their face on camera, this site has a handy feature that will allow you to do that.
  • CamSurf -- It works as Chatroulette with a cool user interface.

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Random Video Chat Apps

What are the best random video chat apps?

Whether you’re using iPhone or Android, you’ll want to check that your random video chat app works well before you commit to downloading it. It can be very convenient and discreet to use your cellphone when you want to chat with strangers online, which is why many people prefer to use apps over websites. However, some random video chat sites have been quick to evolve, making their site easily accessible from a cellphone to avoid the need for downloading any app, as LuckyCrush.

Often people prefer to use apps rather than sites for random video chat on phone. That’s because the native app offers a smoother video call and messaging experience. You also can receive push notifications to be informed about the activity on the site and you can access it in one click, which is very convenient! Maybe you’re wondering what is the best random video chat app, but the answer really depends on what you want to use it for. What is a good video chat app for you may not meet the needs of other people. One key distinction is whether you’re willing to pay for your app or not.

There are many alternatives to classic sites like Omegle and Chatroulette when it comes to random video chat apps. Some popular options in 2020 include Emerald Chat, Azar, OmeTV, CamSurf, LivU, Chatouts, Badoo, Flirtymania and Chatrandom.

They all have different rules and features. Some of them permit group chats while others are strictly one-on-one. The focus of each app varies, as do moderation levels. Many permit you to enjoy random chat free, but others have additional costs. Most give you the option to chat with or without camera enabled.

Although certain random video chat apps seem to target a younger audience, they should be used very cautiously and with parental supervision to avoid porn and other inappropriate content. It should be noted that some random video chat apps are notorious for live sex and hot cam chat, so research your options to be sure you choose the best random video chat app for you to meet new people.

To download random video chat apps on iPhone, check the Apple store for iOs compatible options. To download random video chat apps on Android, use the Google Play store.

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Anonymous Random Video Chat

Where can I enjoy live random video chat and stay anonymous?

There are many reasons that you may wish to stay anonymous while enjoying random video chat with strangers online. This is especially true if you’re interested in live sex chat. Let’s face it, one major reason that these sites and apps are so popular is that they offer the opportunity to connect on a kinky level with hot strangers all around the world! There’s no shame in it. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want the world to know about it.

Many random video chat sites allow you to participate without providing significant amounts of information about yourself. In fact, some only request a username for you to get started! Some people prefer using a site to downloading an app because they don’t want evidence of their activities on their phone. Although there are ways to protect your privacy through your phone’s settings, this may be something to think about!

On sexy live chat sites and apps, many married people enjoy some illicit fun without the real life consequences. Similarly, these sites are popular options for connection amongst people of the LGBT community who may not yet be “out” in their day-to-day lives. It may also be that you’re simply interested in exploring a new kink or a sexier side of yourself. On random video chat sites, you’re able to do so with minimum risk.

On LuckyCrush, the random video chat site for straight adults – known for only connecting men with women and women with men, for naughty sexy chats – most users share their username only, keeping their real name private. Many users prefer not to show their face on cam; however, they’re happy to show their body or show sexy images. That keeps the experience safe and anonymous so everyone can have a good time without worry!

Although random video chat sites allow you to enjoy cam-to-cam action, you always have the option of hiding your face and any distinguishing features if you want to be very careful. Be aware of your background as you chat and ensure you don’t reveal more information than you really want to. Anonymous random video chat sites are an exciting way to explore your sexuality, but they should be used sensibly to avoid any unwanted complications IRL.

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Random Sex Video Chat

Where is the best place for random sex video chat?

It’s hardly surprising that one of the most popular uses of random video chat online in 2020 is to enjoy dirty chat with hot strangers. Where porn used to be the go-to for horny internet users, random sex video chat has allowed for a more personalized experience where you can connect with likeminded people online and have a good time, XXX style. Although some sites are entirely random, others allow you to filter by age, gender, and location.

Sites like Omegle became notorious as sex video chat hotspots, where people can perform on cam for one another and enjoy adult fun for free. However, LuckyCrush has really made an impact in this field. It has become THE random video chat site for straight adults who seek naughty chat, because men are only connected with women and vice versa. Men don’t waste time getting matched with other guys, as they do on most other random video chat sites. Also nudity is not censored which allows participants to literally engage into naughty chats without risking to get banned. Nude (or at least partially naked) video chat with strangers is so popular now that a range of apps and sites have popped up to meet the adult population’s seemingly insatiable desire for naughty chat. These sites tend to be lightly moderated or left unmoderated so as to allow participants to express themselves freely.

Some random video chat sites have a specifically adult focus, like LuckyCrush. It’s a site where amateur women meet amateur men online and vice-versa, for naughty virtual chat. Unlike cam sites where women are professional models paid to chat, the women there are simple site members. There is a difference between mutual random sex video chat and paying camgirls and models to perform for you in a live sex show. Whether you’re looking for an average girl or a porn star is up to you! Playing with both amateurs and professionals can be fun, but make sure you know which one you’re looking for so you choose the correct site.

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Random sex video chat isn’t just for a straight audience. Far from it! There are many services which cater to the LGBT community. On them, you can share naked pictures and video or have live cam sex. For hot video chat with gay men, GayRoulette is a popular option.

That leaves us with the question: what’s the best random video chat for sex? If you’ve used these sites in the past, you may have noticed they were saturated with men. That’s hardly ideal if you’re a straight guy looking for a hot girl to chat to. The fact is that many men are simply looking for random video chat where girls will watch guys jerk off. It’s easier to find than you may think! Many horny women enjoy using these random sex video chat sites. They’re popular masturbation aids for all kinds of people. LuckyCrush has proven this, as this site has managed to attract many women, resulting in a roughly 50:50 gender split between its users. Since this site is uncensored and men are paired only with women, it’s perfect for naughty chat.

Some sites have taken special measures to make sure men aren’t left waiting. For example, Shagle allows you to limit your chat partners by gender -- however, this is a charged extra feature. Another example of a site that has adapted their service to ensure women are involved is LuckyCrush. They maintain a 50:50 gender split amongst their online users at all times, and nudity is uncensored so long as both participants consent. Remember, if you don’t like who you’re connected to, you can always hit “next!”

What people love about random sex video chat is that it’s usually free, it can be totally anonymous, and it provides the opportunity to chat with sexy strangers from all around the world. It’s easier than ever to hookup because of these sites and apps. Because most people prefer to be discreet, many of them have a no registration and no sign up policy. That means you need nothing more than a username and an internet connection to start a naughty chat!

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Free Random Video Chat

Where can I enjoy random video chat for free?

Whether you’re using a site or a free random video chat app, you’d probably rather not pay for it! Maybe you plan to download a free random video chat app for Android or iPhone. If so, check carefully not only to see if the download itself costs but also to know if there are extra charges while using the app. Reading reviews is one great way to find this information. Not all apps are compatible with iOs or APK so it’s best to research which options are available to you.

If you’ve used random video chat in the past, you may have noticed that you can only chat for a limited time before you have to pay. That’s why so many people search for random video chat without coins -- they don’t want to have to break the bank just to meet new people! Free random video chat sites like Omegle and Chatroulette are always available; however, there’s one major downside. It’s often difficult to find women users, as they tend to be a minority on these services. Don’t worry; there are many alternatives to Omegle.

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Free random video chat with strangers can be just for fun, but of course lots of people also use these sites and apps to flirt, date, and enjoy sexy chat with the opposite sex. That’s why it’s important for straight men who use these sites to know -- is there girls on free random video chat? The short answer is yes, but you will have to do your research to find out which sites they frequent. For example, there are specific sites like LuckyCrush which maintain a strict gender balance.

You can video call a stranger for free using free random video chat sites. That means you can use your cam and enjoy international chat with people all around the world. You never know which random people will appear! When you chat cam to cam, it’s like you’re talking face to face. But don’t worry, you can stay hidden if you’d rather stay anonymous. If you’re looking for free video chat with girls only, there are sites and apps which allow you to select this. Gay chat is also available if that’s what you want from your free random video chat!

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