What is a Random Chat?

What is a Random Chat?

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What is a Random Video Chat Site?

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Omegle, The biggest random video chat site with 30M users per month

A random video chat site or app is the one on which two users are randomly connected to each other. Users can chat by text messages or speaking out loud while seeing each other on webcam. It’s a quicker, easier and more exciting way to connect and chat with strangers.

These users can come from anywhere in the world. Sometimes, a country filter or a gender filter allows you to match only with the opposite gender or a certain country. In general, random chat sites are available on both desktop and mobile devices but random chat apps have also been created to offer a better experience on mobile. This means that connecting with strangers can be done anywhere, at any time, making it a convenient experience as well as comfortable!

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On random video chat sites and apps, a simple click on a « next » button allows any of the users to end the chat and automatically start a new chat with a random stranger.

On these sites and apps, people are looking for random chat with strangers, random chat to make friends, random chat with girls or guys, any kind of relationship but being based on random matchmaking.

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Chatroulette, the first random video chat site created in 2010

An additional advantage is that on most random chat sites, you can start a random chat without registration or login. A simple click on « Start » is often enough to match with a random partner, meaning you start chatting straight away. Now, you can also start a random chat from your PC or mobile (IOS or Android) without downloading any app as most random chat sites can be accessed from any mobile browser.

In most cases they are also free but if you want to enjoy some features like gender filter, country filter or interest filter, you often have to pay a premium subscription. But if you don’t mind who you connect with, you can use free random chat sites and apps.

So now that we’ve established just how easy it is to use a random video chat site, let’s look into the reasons why they’ve gained in popularity in recent years and delve a little into the psychology behind the phenomenon.

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What Has Made Random Video Chats So Popular?

Being anonymous is the key.


Wouldn’t you let yourself engage more freely with people if you were sure there wouldn’t be any consequences if things didn’t work out between you and your partner? Probably. Online chats offer anonymity that allow you to feel free when interacting with other people. If something goes wrong in the relationship, this won’t impact real life situations and other relationships.

In general, most chat sites only require a username, which is the only thing that chat partners can see. You are also free to interact without giving your personal information, or having to show your face.

You can stop whenever you want


Another advantage of random video chat sites is that a single click on “next” allows you to end a chat with someone and start a new one with someone else. This means you aren’t binded by the relationship. Everything starts online and ends online, when you want it to.

The variable reward system


This is the funnest part of the game. Random video chat sites are products based on what we call the “hook” model. The hook model is when an online experience consists of repeating a simple action. For example, clicking “next” on LuckyCrush, swiping right on Tinder or scrolling down on Facebook.

Each of these simple, repetitive actions lead to a variable reward, such as a hotter partner on LuckyCrush, a more attractive Tinder date and new, interesting content on Facebook. These “hook” based online experiences tend to be the most addictive and entertaining to users.

Want to discover new random chat sites and apps? There were many sites and apps of such a type created in the past two decades. Discover our articles ranking the best random chat sites and apps!

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Nathalie Williams

Nathalie Williams

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